9 Best Photo Display Ideas To Try At Home

Photographs capture key moments, emotions, and themes of our lives. The task of containing these snippets of time within four edges forever is incredible. Don't let these beautiful memories hide in your closet or smartphone. Here are nine of the best photo display ideas you should try at home.

Young woman hanging a photo canvas

1. Picture Gallery Wall

    A gallery wall is a visual delight and a timeless display technique. Here's how to do it:

    • Pick a wall in your home.
    • Arrange your photos and art pieces creatively.
    • Maintain consistency in the frames for a cohesive look or mix different styles for a more eclectic feel.

    The key here is to create a flow that is pleasing to the eye. No need for extravagant frames or expensive prints, just your pure, personal memories.

    2. Photo Ledge Shelves

    Ledge shelves are a versatile, modern way to display photos at home. They are simple to install and allow for easy photo swapping. Follow these steps:

    • Mount ledge shelves in a neat line or random pattern.
    • Align your framed photos along the shelves.
    • Alter the arrangement whenever you desire.

    Voila! Your ledge shelves are ready to display pictures of your cherished memories.

    3. Hanging Photo Display

    Bring a touch of bohemian aesthetics to your home with a hanging photo display. Here's how to make it:

    • Attach your favorite photos to strings.
    • Hang these strings from a wooden or metal frame.
    • Adjust the length and arrangement as needed.

    This DIY photo display idea allows you to add, remove, or jumble your photos as frequently as you wish.

    4. Picture Rail Display

    If you’re looking to step outside the box and try something unique, a picture rail is an underrated but fantastic option. This is how you can achieve it:

    • Attach a narrow ledge or rail to your wall.
    • Lean your photos, art, or even mirrors against the wall on the rail.

    This setup is not only stylish but also an easy-to-update photo display solution.

    5. Display Photos on Clipboards

    Why not bring some office-style organization to your home’s photo display? Clipboards are a fun, unconventional choice. Here’s your guide:

    • Attach your photos to the clipboards.
    • Hang these clipboards on your wall in an arrangement of your liking.

    This clipboard photo display idea is exceptionally adaptable, with easy swapping of photos as you capture new memories.

    6. Use Unconventional Frames

      Push the limits of creativity by using unconventional frames. Consider these ideas:

      • Old windows can become new frames.
      • Metal hoops, usually used for embroidery, can contain your circular photos.
      • Clip frames offer a raw, minimalistic look.

      This photo display option opens an avenue for your creativity by breaking free from the typical rectangular photo frames.

      7. Photo Coasters

        Now, you can not only display but also use your photos. Make your photo coasters:

        • Embed photos in resin coasters.
        • Enjoy your cup of tea while reminiscing over good times.

        This creative photo display idea doubles as a homemade keepsake or gift.

        8. Photo Mural

        A photo mural can turn an entire wall of your home into a creative space. Gather all your favorite photos, and follow these simple steps:

        • Dedicate a wall as your project canvas and paint it with a neutral or white color to make the photos stand out.
        • Attach your photos, creating a collage that spans the entire wall.

        This idea provides an opportunity to create a visual story that unfolds with each glance.

        9. Perch them on Easels

        Small tabletop easels are not just for painters. They can serve as your mini photo exhibit right at home. Follow these simple steps:

        • Pick delicate easels that suit your home's aesthetic.
        • Place your chosen photo on each.

        This idea steers away from the usual wall or shelf display, adding an unusual, artistic touch to your decor.

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